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Zero Bug Zone - 2-Pack

Zero Bug Zone - 2-Pack

New Design Now Available.

Limited Production of New Design

How Would You Like to Have a Summer with No Mosquitoes, No Flies, and No Insects Bothering You (or Your Animals)? All Without Any Pesticides or Chemicals?

If you have ever researched how to keep bugs away , it seems that all the products available are actually bug attractants -- that is, the strips, zappers, and baits all attract bugs into the area where you want to keep them out of. Plus, these bug eliminators all have one thing in common -- they contain poisonous chemicals to kill the bugs. It's just common sense that living in an environment filled with chemicals, pesticides, or other toxins can't be good for people or animals.

And if it's not bad enough having to deal with these poisons and pesticides, all of the bug killing products have one other thing in common -- they kill bugs! This leaves you with a mess of dead, rotten bug carcasses lying around. Who wants to deal with that?

Zero Bug Zone is totally organic, and contains no toxins whatsoever. Even if it breaks open, there's nothing poisonous inside that can harm children or animals. The way it works is based on creating a static electric field that keeps bugs away. Keep in mind that this static field keeps bugs away -- it doesn't kill the bugs like pesticides or papers do.

This product is the perfect safe alternative to repel insects without the traditional use of pesticides or chemicals. Now available in new plactic bottle that you can sit on any flat surface if you do not have a place to hang it from. New design is more versitle and durable. Order now! Each bottle protects a 30 foot Diameter circle and should be hung so the two bottles are visible to each other.









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